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Floyd Mayweather’s New Mansion Has Private Movie Theater, Gigantic Snack Bar

Floyd Mayweather shows off his new crib. There’s rich, there’s very rich and then there’s whatever category you want to put Floyd Mayweather in. The recently retired boxing phenom, who went out on top after defeating Conor McGregor in his most recent match back in August, has decided to splurge on some new digs in one of the most exclusive parts of California. Mayweather took to Instagram to show off some of the property’s new features and, if nothing else, it’ll give you some insight into why “Money” is his...

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Juicy J “Highly Intoxicated” Mixtape (Review)

“Highly Intoxicated” is a testament to Juicy J’s consistent ability to adapt and stay relevant. Highly Intoxicated displays just how well a veteran rapper can craft a project. Juicy J, DJ Paul, and Lord Infamous started the group Three 6 Mafia in the early 90s, almost thirty years ago. Several members would come and go, but the group reached the pinnacle of fame when they won an Oscar for “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” in 2006. Juicy has accumulated a wealth of knowledge since then, and solidified his designation as a rap legend. He has evolved from an artist that had...

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Kanye West Says Saint Pablo Tour Countersuit Should Be “Withdrawn Or Stricken”

Kanye West’s legal team has filed a response. Kanye West‘s legal battle with Lloyd‘s of London over insurance money that he believes should’ve been paid out following the cancellation of his Saint Pablo tour rages on.Earlier this summer, West and Very Good Touring, Inc. filed a $10 million lawsuit against Lloyd’s, with the argument being that the rapper was entitled to the insurance money for mental health reasons. A week later, Lloyd’s of London fired back with their own countersuit, alleging that West’s substance abuse made the tour’s abrupt end entirely within his control. Now, Kanye’s legal team have submitted their response which, in...

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